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Workspace + workplace

Co-working software complete with reporting 

Effortlessly manage and analyse the performance of your locations with our AI-powered co-working software.

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2 Industry changing systems unite

In a time when necessity and technology have pushed us forward, we are no longer bound by the constraint of work being a single place. Our place of work has become a space beyond and to make this new world of hybrid work  possible you need 

access to flexible workspace needs + insight on key performance indicators


WSM | Co-working software

Manage your members, and enable them to self-manage

WSM is a complete platform for co-working spaces to manage their members, and for members to self-manage.

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Enable desk booking and room scheduling

Fully automate billing and payments

Receive AI recommended
corrective actions

Walleting and loyalty programs

Manage your entire marketing funnel  with CRM

Company health rings
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OKTRIA | Reporting software

made easy 

Link daily, monthly and quarterly reports to one version of the truth. Now the business cases and the reports your teams produce are linked, so if a budget line is changed or a target is adjusted everyone knows about it.

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Create and record business case and every flex space change

Keep record of every strategy, business case and key performance indicator (KPI) - enabling your organisation to learn from the past and (with use of Oktria’s ML engine) predict future performance linked to new strategies and business cases.

Oktria + WSM  connects with your existing applications and pulls all performance data together. Our intention is to enable you to become the oracle of workspace data and insight.


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AI can help predict future location performance

The ability to set custom KPIs with weighted targets connected to live actuals, enables AI models to learn and predict future company performance. Chat GPT gives us a good understanding of the context outside of the company, while Oktria understands the context within a company. 

Share data insight with your enterprise members

Now you can share metrics that matter with your member companies 

   - Care (People, ESG)
   - Enable (Engagement, Financial), and 
   - Deliver (Products, Services)

with in-house and third-party data sources.


This is where you go to find answers and guidance.

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