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Measuring and guiding organisation, department and people performance in line with the company strategy.

Your smart watch monitors and guides improvement of personal health aligned with your goals. Oktria measures and guides company, department and career health aligned with your company strategy.


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Performance starts with a balanced score card

Delivering on performance requires setting targets. Oktria enables organisations to manage targets and link live data to track performance against targets. 


AI learns from the game you teach it

Once the parameters of your balanced score card are set Oktria learns from the weightings and targets you set. Finally machine learning can be applied to organisational performance.


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Build custom KPI sets

Assign KPIs to every company department, linking company objectives and KPIs to staff objectives and KPIs


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Easy to access. Anytime, on any device ⌚️📱💻

The Oktria balance score card system allows for easy access to company, department, store and career performance. 


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Connect every KPI to deep dive analytics

The ability to set custom KPIs linked to a company strategy is a massive achievement for the launch of Oktria V1. This is what makes our solution unique and sets us apart from any other system in the market. We have built a scalable frontend and backend that enables the user to customise Oktria for any industry.

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