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Human input for mutual learning.

In order to help organisations track performance linked to company strategy, we have designed and developed a system that includes input fields for forms. This means we can include your personal input as a critical part of our evaluation of a brand, store, department or individual and embed AI predictions where people need them most, in everyday work and the forms they use. 



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You can now build forms with logic.

We generate immediate adoption at all levels in an organisation by enhancing a workflow process such as cash up and employee shift scoring. This saves both operations and executives up to 80% of the time that it would otherwise take to create and read these reports.



- calc = pettyCashTotal + accountsTotal + cardsTotal + cashCountTotal + nonSalesTotal + gi

Types of forms

Create a cash up form to match your workflow

01 Cash up forms


02 End of shift forms


03 Quality control forms 


04 Marketing activity forms


Oktria cash up form.jpg
Cash up form - Labour – 2.jpg

AI powered embedded analytics

Oktria is the one, unified system that enables the entire organisation to gain access to live data. The ability to make important decisions with the help of AI technology linked to a data lake that not only includes the entire organisation's internal data but also allows for data connections to valuable external data.

AI + Weather data

AI + Location data

AI + Previous performance data

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