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Venture capital

Portfolio company management reporting made easy

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Effortlessly track and analyse your portfolio company performance with our AI-powered management reporting software. Say goodbye to manual reporting and hello to streamlined insights.

Create strategy
& business case with linked KPIs

Recieve reports against
business case

Share required KPIs with the business digitally

Revise strategy  
& record business cases

Ensure team
alignment with cascaded KPIs

Company health rings

Say goodbye to
business case

Link daily, monthly and quarterly reports to one version of the truth. Now the business cases and the reports your teams produce are linked, so if a budget line is changed or a target is adjusted everyone knows about it.

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Create and record strategy, business case and every pivot

Keep record of every strategy, business case and key performance indicator (KPI) - enabling your organisation to learn from the past and (with use of Oktria's ML engine) predict future performance linked to new strategies and business cases.

Receive reports linked to business case

Oktria management reports auto populate with live data from other systems and provide guidance with embedded AI predictions this saves time and provides insight and speed up business processes.

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AI can help predict future company performance

The ability to set custom KPIs with weighted targets connected to live actuals, enables AI models to learn and predict future company performance. Chat GPT gives us a good understanding of the context outside of the company, while Oktria understands the context within a company. 

Share KPIs that are important to your fund

Oktria is an integrated collaboration system that enables measured and visible alignment between your funds KPIs and the purpose and strategy of your portfolio company.


Diversity is up 32%


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Gain insight from the brilliant teams you back

Success is linked to the people you back and the milestones they are able to reach. Oktria is a tool that links individuals to their plan and the goals they want to achieve.

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