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Harry's Cafe de Wheels




Revitalise an Australian fast food heritage brand for a new generation.




Harry’s Café de Wheels has proudly served customers for over 80 years, with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Sir Elton John and Prince Harry having been some of the many to sink their teeth into our iconic ‘Tiger’ pie. It all began with Harry “Tiger” Edwards, who’s frustrations in finding a good late-night snack, led him to open a caravan café near the front gates of Woolloomooloo naval dockyard in Sydney, Australia. 

He named it ‘Harry’s Café de Wheels’ - a rather bold gesture at the time to the local city council whose laws required him to move the caravan a minimum of 12 inches a day. His courage, and proven skills as a boxer, earned himself the nickname “Tiger” - a name passed down to his iconic pie - which is still served in its original location in Woolloomooloo, alongside a growing number of outlets across the globe including a growing fleet of caravan cafés (that move a“little” more than 12 inches a day). 

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