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Enabling real estate flexibility for business sustainability

The frequency of strategy revision is increasing

It is impossible to keep the ever increasing complexity together without an enterprise nervous system - the intelligent network that provides unifying connectivity among people, application systems and devices in different locations and business units across a virtual enterprise.




Translate workspace 
strategy into cascading 
metrics that matter

Oktria is the one place, the one source of truth that connects the three strategic health dimensions 

   - Care (People, ESG)
   - Enable (Engagement, Financial), and 
   - Deliver (Products, Services)

with in-house and third-party data sources.


This is where you go to find answers and guidance.

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Connect live data to track performance

Oktria is your Enterprise Nervous System that connects with your existing applications and pulls all performance data together. Our intention is to enable you to become the oracle of workspace data and insight.


Do what matters

Oktria is an integrated collaboration system that enables measured and visible alignment between your organisation’s purpose and strategy, and the nuts-and-bolts tasks that happen throughout your organisation every single day.



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Create and record
your workspace strategy

Finally a way to keep record of the strategies and
performance - enabling a learning organisation


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Analytics and forecasts embedded in smart forms 

Human input for mutual learning.

In order to help organisations track performance linked to company strategy, we have designed and developed a system that includes input fields for forms. This means we can include your personal input as a critical part of our evaluation of a brand, store, department or individual and embed AI predictions where people need them most, in everyday work and the forms they use. 


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