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Mystery shopper

Care - People

Did the shop assistant have product knowledge?

Did the shop assistants appear proud to be associated with the brand?

Did the shop assistant offer help within a 30 seconds?

Did the shop assistants attire complement the brand?

How likely are you to encourage others to visit the store?

Did the shop assistant recommend other products you might like?

Was the shop assistant excited and enthusiastic about their brand?

Was the shop assistant inviting or were they on their phone or chatting to a collegue?

Was the shop assistant friendly?

Calculate - Marketing and financials

Would you visit this store regularly?

Were you able to find the store?

Did you understand the brand story?

Did you feel the brand stood out and had a clear advantage over similar brands?

Did you know about this brand before you saw it in SOKO District?

Do you feel you are getting value for money?

Is the brands price comparible with similar brands?

Create - Products and services

Are new products launched regularly?

Are seasonal promotions evident?

Is the brand clearly visible?

Are products easily found in the appropriate area?

Are shelves fully stocked, but not cluttered?

Are hotspots used strategically for high-margin impulse items?

Are products well presented and on appropriate SOKO District fixtures?

Are logical product adjacencies applied?

Does the fixture placement allow natural customer flow?

Are display areas well maintained and clean?

Are all the lights working and well positioned?

Did the brand/retailer offer a broad range from which to select?

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