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The World's First

AI Business Guidance System

Navigating your business to infinite success


Welcome to the world’s first operating system for your company. 

Measuring and guiding organisations, departments and people performance
in line with the company strategy.

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Calibrate your brand's

AI and design your

brand promise

A brand is more than just its logo, it's the organisation and all its departments, people and products, working together to deliver on a promise. Our system helps companies calibrate their brand promise according to customer sentiment, the competitor landscape and the future needs of its customers.


Calibrate your brand AI

Set your brand's goals

Give your brand a voice

View your brand's health

anytime, anywhere


Track your brand love

Give the brand’s newly formed artificial intelligence a better understanding of it’s customers. Gain insight on current and future needs of your market and track how your customers are feeling about your brand by measuring social media sentiment.


Track live social

media sentiment

Track brand loyalty

Track your market share

Track lead conversion

to sales

Monitor your

marketing efforts

Set up your marketing calendar according to your marketing funnel. Keep track of campaigns, media spend and keep an eye on your conversion rate from awareness, all the way through to sale and loyalty.


Link leads and sales to

all channels

Set up and monitor

your targets

Load and manage your

marketing calendar​

Track your budget spend


View real-time customer profiles

All your customer information in one place. Collect real-time data that informs your customer profiles and allows you to understand and reach customers with informed marketing efforts. Give product development insights into what customers love and hate about current products and gain insight into future products.


Calculate decisions

through data insights

Monitor channel usage

View customer


Monitor product success


Align staff to your

brand promise

The ability to keep every employee in an organisation aligned to the company's north star is what makes for business success. Now employees can see and feel how they directly influence your organisation's ability to deliver on its brand promise.


Align staff KPIs to your

company goals

Set individual and 

team goals

Connect teams

Monitor performance


Access all your brand assets on one platform


Now that you have brought your brand to life, you need a space for all your brand assets. A platform that allows your entire organisation to understand and access your brand and its assets. From corporate stationary to in-store graphics, every element is accounted for.

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