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The world's first

AI Business Guidance System

Measuring and guiding company, departments and career health aligned with your company strategy 

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Enable alignment

Align individual and department efforts to the company strategy, guiding principles and objectives. 

How it works



Oktria captures your company’s strategy, guiding principles, calibrated Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and targets.



Next, it constantly monitors live performance of individuals, departments and your company as a whole against these.


To enable this, it connects with all your existing data sources and public data sources. It feeds all data into a single data lake, ready for optimisation and connection of dots.



Finally, it provides predictions and guidance for improvement via recommended change efforts across the organisation, based on deep data analyses, AI and Machine Learning.

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A system to keep your company aligned

01 Calibrate your company strategy


02 Set targets


03 Link company performance 


04 Link store performance


05 Link employee performance


06 View company trends


07 View industry trends


08 Learn from predictions


09 Action change efforts