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This is where we link our mission and core convictions to the things we do every day to make them count.

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Great store performance starts with our live recorded strategy.

We stick to what works and over the years we have learnt a lot. Every country has it's unique charm and we pride ourselves to be able to adapt and record strategies that work in the markets you operate in.


The FIVE GUYS  balanced scorecard linked to live data. 

Once the parameters of your strategy and balanced score card are set the FIVE GUYS system learns from your weighted targets and guides you to make the right decisions for the future. 


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Keeping the overview of your stores performance simple.  

At FIVE GUYS we keep it simple and thats why we make it easy for you to get a quick view on how you are doing.


All your operational forms in one place linked to reports

To make it easier to operate a FIVE GUYS store we link our core operational forms and processes in one system. This means we can include your personal input as a critical part of our evaluation of a brand, store, department or individual and embed AI predictions where people need them most, in everyday work and the forms they use. 



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If you want to know more about your store you can dig deeper.

Your FIVE GUYS system is linked to a wealth of information that you need to make the right decisions, you now have access to gain a better understanding of what works.

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